Our SBS ® coating systems are widely used in the production of: sliced white bread trays for:

  • hamburgers
  • croissants-bread
  • cakes
  • biscuits and pastry products-stick

SBS ® systems are approved for alimentary use according to national and international standards.

The most obvious benefits deriving from the adoption of SBS ® coatings are:

  • easy to clean
  • excellent temperature resistance
  • good resistance to repeated wash cycles
  • excellent coating adhesion to the mould reducing the percentage of defective products or by-products-a healthier work environment and with significant reduction of fire risks and cleaning time significantly reduced downtime.

SBS ® coating systems make it possible to obtain high quality products with a drastic reduction in production costs, since the number of cycles that a baking coating SBS ® can allow is much greater than that of any other competitor.