From the starting of its activity, when it was a family owned company, Smaltiriva considered health and safety of its employees as the core value, investing a lot of money in upgrade of equipments and individual protective devices.

When Smaltiriva merged into Praxair, this attention to safety became even higher, introducing continuous training for all employees, internal and external audits, review of every ( even small) incident in order to work as much as possible on preventive actions.

Praxair phylosophy is that every incident is preventable , safety is a “line responsibility” from the top management to the worker level : the health and safety of its workers is the main value of the company and for this reason investments in safety are major items of expenditure.

In 2013 Praxair obtained safety certification according to OHSAS 18000, an international standard for safety management which can be obtained only if safety “culture” in the company is at the highest levels.

Same attention Praxair has for compliance to environmental regulations and for this reason since many years Praxair invested in cathalythic abatement systems to reduce emissions of solvents and particulate far below existing limits.