Rubber production and rubber moulding industry

Rubber manufacturing
A special coating with good non-stick properties as well as good mechanical resistance thanks to a hard matrix is applied by SMALTIRIVA onto vibrating conveyors, cyclones and elevators used for EPDM, SBR, NBR rubber production.

Rubber moulding
The wide coating range applied by SMALTIRIVA onto moulds for the production of rubber articles guarantees:

  • reduction or elimination of release agents
  • reduction of downtime in the cleaning of fast-to-clean moulds
  • a strong reduction of rejects

The non-stick coatings are currently applied onto vulcanization moulds, calenders for rubber production and rolls for rubber lamination.

Plastic production and plastic moulding industry

Polyethylene production
The non-stick systems applied by SMALTIRIVA are ideal for the coating of the inner parts of vessels for polyethylene production, thanks to easy-to-clean properties that allow for shorter cleaning operations.

Plastic moulding
The special non-stick properties of the coatings help to release the plastic parts from the mould, and also help reduce or eliminate the use of release agents without compromising the quality of the finished product.

SMALTIRIVA coatings can be used in compression moulding as well as roto-moulding technology.