Smaltiriva always invested a lot of resources in R&D, hiring qualified personnel and investing in sophisticated instrumentation to detect chemical-physical properties of raw materials and coatings (DSC, contact angle, infrared spettroscopy, thermogravimtry, sal spray fog cell, AFM...).

Specially in the last years, a lot of investments in new laboratories have been made in order to deeper investigate coatings and understand mechanisms which influence surface properties (at nanometric level) in terms of antistick, dry lubrication, permeation/corrosion resistance.

The development of new coatings is handled in cooperation with PST Corporate R&D, qualified Univertities and selected suppliers of raw materials.

From this activity, Smaltiriva has been able to boost product/process innovation which gives the possibility to offer to its customers more performant and fine-tuned solutions.

R&D department, furthermore, gives a constant and valuable support to quality department in the definitions of technical specifications, monitoring of environmental and food contact regulations.