Plasma Coatings ®

A family of hard matrix coatings, ranging from 55 Hrc to 72 Hrc, developed to offer unique performance: ‘HIGH MECHANICAL RESISTANCE’ in combination with ‘EASY-TO-CLEAN’ property.

This unique technology also provides a special hard coating, guaranteeing non-slipping and therefore DURABLE TRACTION.

Plasma Coatings systems are widely used to coat cylinders for the paper industry, but the peculiar properties of these exclusive coating systems - in fact patented by Plasma Coatings Inc. USA, with SMALTIRIVA as the SOLE Licensed Applicator for Europe - have helped us and our customers solve problems where even based product failed to perform.

Plasma Coatings systems have solved problems involving contact with GLUE, ADHESIVE TAPE, such as the CONVERTING and BABY-DIAPER INDUSTRIES as well as in the MOULDING and manufacture of RUBBER (EPDM,NBR, SBR) in general. If necessary, when the removal or disassembly of equipment is not possible, we offer special ‘Plasma Coatings’ systems that can be applied directly on-site by our specialized technicians.