Paper and cardboard industries

The extensive knowledge of SMALTIRIVA in paper production, combined with its unique reinforced coating system ‘PLASMA COATINGS’, has helped to solve following problems:

  • maintainenance of clean surface of rolls, in particular dryers, in contact with sticky products such as sizing and starch.
  • smoother and faster running of rolls and thus, paper-machines

Improved traction in winders and re-winders as well as higher resistance to wear and abrasion where traction is required, in winders, re-winders and paper rolls; SMALTIRIVA has a special PLASMA COATING system that can be applied directly onto the machine without disassembling the rolls.

The wide range of coatings offers new protective systems for exhaust fans, where ease of cleaning as well as protection from corrosion is required. This coating system is applied on fans /ventilators and casings of exhaust systems in use in paper mills, painting lines, etc. in contact with glue, resin, paint, and aggressive chemicals.