Italian Law 231

Praxair srl has designed and implemented business processes in accordance with this Decree-Law

Decree-Law 231 of 2001 corporate accountability, Ethics and liability of legal persons, companies and administrative responsibility models of organization, management and control.

The activities of most companies and, consequently, their organization must necessarily take account of the legislation and rules according to this law.

Legislative Decree 231/2001 extends to legal persons responsible for crimes committed in Italy and abroad by individuals working for the company.

Fulfill legislative obligations arising therefrom require:

  • adopt organizational and managerial models suitable for preventing offences;
  • set up an Authority with the task of effectively functioning and compliance of models and their updating;
  • define the organization and management models;
  • identify the activities where such crimes could occur;
  • provide specific protocols directed to schedule training and implementation of the institution's decisions in relation to offences to be prevented;
  • identify how financial resources suitable to prevent the Commission of offences