Food Compliance

All coatings offered by Smaltiriva for the food industry are guaranteed to the continuous contact with the food during its production phase, thus also for the temperatures that the various production processes may require (in some cases, even over 200 ° C).

The guarantee is produced, in accordance with local regulations, by means of the continuous cooperation with a specialized institute, able also to perform the required tests, the chemical-physical character, which may be from time to time required for obtaining conformity to food contact.

The reference standard for a polymer coating remains the European Regulation N ° 1935/2004, as well as all the directives that refer to it.

These Regulations must then be integrated with the laws, rules and regulations, where they exist, which, while not constituting a waiver or an alternative to the European regulation, represent an integration of the observance of which is equally compelling.

Recently, the introduction of the new regulatory body in the European Regulation No 10/2011, applies to all plastic products, has further specified the requirements that a product must undergo plastic to be compliant for food contact. Although this regulation does not apply, according to the intention of the European legislator, coatings, plastic nature, it nevertheless constitutes a useful integration, in favor of the safety of the user and the consumer, with respect to the Regulation 1935/2011. This is the reason why coatings Smaltiriva are voluntarily tested also according to the dictates of this new regulation.