Dry lube coatings

Praxair is leader in the application of dry lube coatings.

Most important applications of this technology are for automotive industry and heating equipment.

Our treatment is recognized by our customers to be better in performance (millions of additional cycles) compared to nichel plating.

Fluoropolymer coating is for sure softer than metal plating (Nichel plating for example) or metal hardening, but it becomes denser during service and, although abrasion will occur, it remains embedded into metal porosities and continue to guarantee dry lube properties.

Nichel plating, which is alternative to fluoropolymer coating, is much more brittle and could chip-off clogging the electro valves immediately while performance of our coatings goes down very slowly without creating emergency problems.

All our coatings for these applications are applied on fully robotized lines which allow a very constant quality and very tight thickness tolerances.