SMALTIRIVA began its activity in 1969 as a forerunner in Europe to offer coating services for industrial application: NON STICK, EASY –TO-CLEAN, DRY LUBRICATING, ANTI-CORROSION, WITH HARD MATRIX.

In 1998 SMALTIRIVA became part of PRAXAIR SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES, fully owned by Praxair Inc. USA., and today is a division of Praxair Surface Technologies, a company specialised in surface treatments: ceramic, hard coating.

SMALTIRIVA today employs over 90 people in 2 different plants in Italy: Monte Marenzo (LC) and Mantova.

Smaltiriva processes all types of Teflon® coatings, such as PTFE, PFA, FEP and EFTE, for applications from small parts in large volumes to larger parts for one-off projects such as cylinders and vessels. In addition to large tunnel ovens for full robotic mass production, Smaltiriva can handle parts up to 10 meters in length, and weights up to 20 tons.

Anti-corrosive coatings as well as non-stick hard matrix coatings including plasma technology are also applied: in particular the unique and exclusive Plasma Coatings®, a special non-stick and wear-resistant coating.

Smaltiriva is also the leader in the research and application of the world famous SBS® Bakeware Technologies: a range of non-stick coatings for oil-free baking.

The mission of our company is to offer in the field of surface coatings innovative technical solutions, quality above expectations and a counseling service before and after sales can develop a partnership with our customers, which ranks as the first target health and safety of workers and the environment.

As for safety, since he was a family business, Smaltiriva has always placed the health and safety of employees as its first objective by investing a lot of resources for adaptation of machinery and individual safety devices.

With the acquisition by Praxair, this attention is further enhanced through continuous training of all personnel, internal and external audits, analysis of every incident in order to be able to take preventive measures at the highest levels.

In 2013, Praxair has also obtained the OHSAS 18000 which is an international standard for the management of security that they can get only those companies that have reached a high "maturity" in the safety culture.

Already in the early '90s Smaltiriva obtained the certification of its quality system according to UNI - EN-ISO 9003 and then get to the beginning of the 2000s the UNI-EN ISO 9001 which covers all business activities and in 2008 the certification according update of the UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.

As for innovation, Smaltiriva has always invested heavily in research and development, devoting highly qualified and acquiring cutting-edge equipment for the determination of the chemical-physical and structural properties of the raw materials and coatings (DSC, corner contact, infrared spectroscopy, salt spray, AFM).

In recent years there have been significant investments in laboratories Smaltiriva in order to analyze in detail the coatings, understanding the mechanisms that determine the surface characteristics (nanometer level) non-stick, dry lubrication, resistance to permeation and corrosion.

The development of new coatings collaborates with the Corporate R & D PST Indianapolis, the primary colleges / partnership with the most qualified suppliers of raw materials.