Smaltiriva has developed for over 50 years a range of technologically advanced coatings specifically for the food industry; these coatings allow the elimination of the use of oils, greases, mould release agents on trays and moulds for the baking industry.

This technology is now widely used by most major world bakery groups; Smaltiriva is able to select the most suitable coating system depending on the type of dough and the production process adopted by the customer.

Our SBS ® coating systems are widely used in the production of: sliced white bread trays for hamburgers, croissants, bread, cakes, biscuits and pastry products. SBS ® systems are in compliance with both national and international food contact regulations.

The most obvious benefits deriving from the adoption of SBS ® coatings are easy to clean, significantly reduced downtime, excellent temperature resistance, good resistance to repeated wash cycles, reducing the percentage of defective products or bi-products, healthier work environment combined with significant reduction of risk of fire.

The validity and effectiveness of non-stick SBS ® systems is derived from the knowledge that our technicians have in the bakeware industry processes, providing customized solutions for each production line.

Our service is not limited solely to the application of coating: Inspection of the status and condition of used molds and trays to define the appropriate mechanical adjustments to restore to full working order. Alternatively through our network of approved suppliers we are able to offer the complete package offering also new pans.